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Delicioso - Comprised of Dominican Ligero, Dominican Seco, and Columbian tobaccos, the cigars are then wrapped in a variety of wrappers. First (the mildest) is the Connecticut Shade wrapper. Next in strength is the Sumatra wrapper grown in Indonesia. Third is a Cameroon wrapper from the Cameroon region of Africa, and last but definitely not least is a Brazilian Maduro, grown in Brazil. Four delightfully different tastes in just one smooth blend! Delicioso was first introduced in our store in May of 2003. spacer

Delicioso Especial - Aged to perfection, this unique cigar blends two different filler tobaccos: first a Cuban Ligero (aged five years) and then a Columbian Seco (aged five years). The binder is a five-year-old Sumatra tobacco. Our Torcedor then blends a strip of Connecticut and a strip of Maduro to create what we call a Twisted Wrap. spacer

Creolito - A blend of Nicaraguan tobacco and shortfill tobacco from all the other cigars we make. We presently wrap these cigars in Connecticut and Sumatra wrappers, with Maduro wrapper to be added later. spacer

Opulencia - A blend of Dominican, Columbian, and Nicaraguan tobaccos for a rich, bold, robust flavor, similar to an Opus X cigar. Available in a Cameroon or a Maduro wrapper. spacer

Pinaculo - A complex blend of filler tobaccos for a more experienced palette, full and rich in the medium body range. Also available in Cameroon and Maduro wrappers. spacer

Lala Fuerte - This cigar is all Nicaraguan Ligero tobacco with a Brazilian Maduro wrapper, or a Cameroon wrapper, robust and flavorful. spacer

Lala Reserva - Piloto Cubano and Columbian tobaccos blended for a smooth, satisfying cigar. Available in a Cameroon or Maduro wrapper. spacer

Lala Habana - A very smooth blend of Cuban Ligero tobacco and Dominican Seco, or Nicaraguan Seco tobaccos. The wrappers in this line are Connecticut Shade, Cameroon, or Brazillian Maduro. spacer

Esprit - Not a flavored cigar; however, the essence of the libation is captured during the production process. The filler tobacco is marinaded with spirits for up to 30 days. spacer

Personalized Bands - Commemorate your special occasion with custom cigar bands. We can create bands for you with your name, event, and/or date (included) or create your own design. Please specify your desires in the PayPal comments section. A great addition to party packages! spacer
$150 for 100 bands
- spacer
$250 for 200 bands
Personalized Cigar Boxes - A wonderful way to thank your groomsmen, fathers, staff, or event sponsor! Customize your cedar cigar boxes with your names, event date, or logo. Fill it up with cigars or add just a few, it’s up to you! spacer

Accessories - We also have a variety of humidors and cigar boxes, lighters including Vector lighters, cutters, cigar ashtrays, butane, and other cigar accessories. spacer

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